Still here

October 16, 2013 § 8 Comments


I haven’t posted here in a while for a few reasons. Mainly I haven’t had anything pressing to say on the subject of gender, and partly because I have been away from home a lot and so haven’t had the structure or space to do things like blogging.

Needless to say I’m still here, still wearing what I want when I feel like it, still trying to open up a space for people like me and still dealing with the occasional bell-end.

I am currently developing a radio series about all this stuff too, so please do whatever arcane magick you can to help that actually happen.

Meanwhile I am going to start logging what I wear a bit more, and posting pictures up here. To that end, here are a couple to get going.



§ 8 Responses to Still here

  • Lynn Jones says:

    Welcome back. ๐Ÿ™‚ I trust the tour is still going well? I was hoping to go to the Nottingham gig, but was double booked ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    If you could post a bit about the radio show, I’m sure the t-massive social media machine will kick in

    > occasional bell-end.

    Yes, sadly that’s not yet been outlawed. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Jayney says:

    So are you looking for comments on how you look? It does seem that the TV/CD community are a little more self assured than us TS folk. Anyway to business, the first pic looks great, ready for a night out. I am some what jealous because you do look great and can wear things that just look bad on my ample frame! Hormones make us chunky it seems.

    With the second frock it needs something to break it up a little, a little cardie or a jacket would look good, maybe a belt but then you risk looking like you work in an office. I trust that you have suitable footwear, rigger boots would just look wrong there!

    I think that you should have a look into the female biker look, there is something about a guy in feminine leather and pretty stuff that I think your wife will really like. Just do not buy a pink biker jacket, they look awful on every one!

    • genderspastic says:

      Not really looking for comments, just showing people what I’m wearing. People seem to like it, and it’s a good motivation to be inventive and experimental with what I wear.


  • Jonathan says:

    “Mainly I havenโ€™t had anything pressing to say on the subject of gender” โ€” yes, I know how that is. I make it a rule to post something every calendar month, but sometimes it’s difficult. Lynn posts every week ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    PS You’re taller than I expected. (Or does everyone say that?)

    • genderspastic says:

      Yeah I need to get back into regular posting. I’m going to do another full month, which will inevitably generate some stuff. I’d be in danger of turning this into a fashion blog if I posted too often without actual stuff to say.

  • K.Pryde says:

    Both outfits are great! The tartan makes me think of Vivienne Westwood, it’s kind of classy punk. It really suits you.

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